Located blocks from the Mississippi River, the Waldorf School of New Orleans is a federally recognized 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, nationality or ethnic origin in its admissions, educational, and hiring policies.

As the only Waldorf School in the state of Louisiana, our faculty and staff enjoy the fantastic opportunities that come with living in one of the most unique cities in America. From exploring the French Quarter and spending all weekend at Jazz Fest, to partaking of fabulous restaurants and getting a break off at Mardi Gras, we celebrate life.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits, and will grant moving stipends to qualified applicants from outside the New Orleans area, so come on down!

Faculty positions:

Early Childhood, Lead Teacher

Full-time, salaried

Required Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree, or its equivalent, from an accredited university, with Waldorf Education certification from an AWSNA approved program or commitment to completing such certification. A deep love for children, respect for parents, enjoyment of working in collaboration with faculty and staff colleagues, joy and enthusiasm in their work, and a commitment to self-development in order to become a model worthy of imitation by the children.

Preferred Qualifications:

1 – 2 years previous classroom experience

Waldorf Certification

Primary Function:

The Waldorf Early Childhood teacher understands the essential needs of the young child and supports both children and parents by creating joy-filled and life-nourishing environments that enhance growth and development during the critical first seven years of life. Understanding that a healthy early childhood provides a strong foundation for the future development of individuals and humanity as a whole, the teacher will bring healthy movement opportunities, purposeful activities, nourishing images, and clear speech into his/her daily work with the children. The teacher will guide the children toward self-control, cooperation, social awareness, and a sense of belonging in the group.

Classroom Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Class Teaching

  • •        Develop a healthy daily and weekly rhythm that supports the growth of the developing child.
  • •        Prepare and lead daily activities such as circle, imaginative play, story, hand work, painting, coloring, cooking, baking, domestic work, nature walks, snack, and outdoor activities, based upon the unfolding rhythms and festivals of the year.
  • •        Document student progress.
  • •        Develop and maintain a safe, harmonious social environment for the students.
  • •        Develop and maintain a clean, orderly, and beautiful classroom environment.

2. Home/School Communication

  • •        Prepare and hold a minimum of 2 class meetings per year, at least one hour in length, in addition to the parent orientation evening at the beginning of the year. These evenings are designed to educate parents about Waldorf education and             child development, to create and nurture a sense of classroom community and to support the challenging task of parenting young children.
  • •        Conduct parent-teacher conferences each November and February/March as scheduled on the school calendar. 1
  • •        Arrange and participate in conference(s) with parent(s) and the Pedagogical Administrator or a designated support faculty member, as needed, to discuss student social or behavioral concerns.
  • •        Write weekly emails to the parents containing short descriptions of the children’s activities throughout the week as well as any important announcements.
  • •        Teachers are encouraged, but are not required, to conduct home visits to foster warmth and connection between the family and the school, and to gain insight into the home life of a child, creating a more complete picture of that child.

3. Written Reports

  • •        Complete a Mid-Year Report describing each child’s daily experience, as well as their physical, social and artistic development.
  • •        Children going into first grade will be assessed for readiness throughout the year, with recommendations going to the Pedagogical Administrator, Enrollment Director and to parents in the spring term.
  • •        Complete End of the Year narratives describing child’s experience, growth and development over the year. Reports are to be submitted by assigned deadline date to be reviewed for suggested edits by an assigned peer.

4. Planning and Preparation

  • •        Prepare circles, fairy tales, birthday celebrations, songs, festivals, puppet shows, painting and additional activities.
  • •        Complete/oversee all shopping for food and supplies.
  • •        Take daily attendance.
  • •        Participate in weekly Early Childhood Staff meetings as well as Full Faculty meetings that may be scheduled.
  • •        Participate in Child Studies.
  • •        Maintain and clean rooms daily.
  • •        Interview, hire, train, and supervise classroom assistant. Clear assistant’s personal days/absences with Pedagogical Administrator.
  • •        Oversee development and changes in play spaces (indoor and out) to reflect the goals of the curriculum.
  • •        Work collaboratively with other EC teachers/staff and Pedagogical Administrator through classroom observation (two per semester), peer evaluations, and parent/community/festival work.

Additional Responsibilities:

All teachers share responsibility for the well-being of the school. Aspects of this responsibility are:

  • •        Maintaining and striving for an openness to understand and work with the Anthroposophical underpinnings of Waldorf Education and child development.
  • •        Attendance and participation in weekly faculty meetings, as well as work days throughout the academic year as scheduled.
  • •        Make themselves available, as appropriate and applicable to their schedule, to offer extra help to students and their parents. This availability will be communicated to the families in the class. 2
  • •        Attendance and participation in weekly section meetings.
  • •        Service on at least one (1) Faculty committee or serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the school beginning with the second year of employment.
  • •        Attendance/assistance at major all-school activities and open houses in accordance with the Faculty Handbook.
  • •        Attendance at the All School Meetings called by the Board of Directors.
  • •        Preparation of a yearly class play or presentation as may be suggested by the curriculum.
  • •        Create age-appropriate aesthetics in classrooms including nature tables and seasonal displays.
  • •        Participate in enrollment process of new students in areas such as, but not limited to, student interviews, parent interviews, student skill assessment and arranging for perspective student’s play date.
  • •        Maintain and make readily available a lesson plan that can be given to a substitute teacher in the event of an absence.
  • •        Assist in teacher searches and make the decision to hire or release faculty with the input of the Pedagogical Administrator.
  • •        Participate in a professional development and accountability plan.
  • •        In the event of a planned absence, make arrangements for a substitute and ensure that they receive any lesson plans and materials needed to cover the missed class(es).

We offer small classes, a supportive environment, and competitive pay, as well as opportunities for professional development and career growth. Qualified candidates should respond to this ad by e-mail with a resume, three references, and a philosophy of language teaching.    

Salary commensurate with experience. Please send resume, three professional references to,


Faculty Search Committee

Waldorf School of New Orleans

517 Soraparu St #101

New Orleans, LA 70130


Email: apply@waldorfnola.org