Admission Process and Forms

We appreciate your interest in Waldorf School of New Orleans! We are currently accepting applications for the 2015-16 AND the 2016-17 school years. Please go to our online application process here

  • Your child must be physically present to complete an interview. This is usually the most difficult for families who have not moved to New Orleans yet. Please call (504) 525-2420 if you have any questions.
  • The Waldorf School of New Orleans reserves the right to make a final admissions decision at any point in this process if it is determined that we may not be able to meet a child's or family's needs.
  • Families may not apply for financial aid until after your child has been accepted, and you have agreed to enroll via TADS.
  • WSNO only accepts applications online via

Admission Procedure

1. School Visit (Optional)

Attend an Open House or School Tour.  It's a great way to see the school and meet our teachers.  

2. Application and Fee

Please submit your admissions application online here and pay the application fee of $50.  

3. Records Release

Once the application has been filled out and payment received, WSNO will request a signed copy of the Transfer of Student Records Authorization Form be submitted via TADS. If your child is applying for nursery and never attended a school/daycare program before, please disregard this step. If your child is applying from out of state, this step can take longer. WSNO recommends you constantly communicate with your child’s current school to ensure they are prioritizing getting the records to WSNO. 

4. Interview

After the application is complete and records have been received, an in-person interview for viable applicants will be scheduled for you and your child with the appropriate school faculty. 

5. Class Visit or Play Date

If all goes well, your child will be invited for a play date or school visit.  Early childhood students visit the classroom for one and a half hours without a parent, and students in grades 1-8 visit the class for which they are applying for three days without a parent. Please fill out the Class Visit/Play Date Authorization Form, and return it with your child the morning of the scheduled visit.

5. Admission Decision

Once the visit has been completed, a meeting with parents is scheduled to discuss the admission decision and requirements. 

6. Agreement to Enroll

If your child is invited to join the Waldorf School of New Orleans, your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions via TADS is required within ten business days. Upon agreeing to enroll your child, enrollment information will be filled out online and applicable fees will be due.  Your child will not be allowed into school until these requirements have been fulfilled. It is only after accepting the Terms and Conditions of enrollment that you may apply for financial aid.