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Dandelion Days Child Care is a gentle and nurturing place, tailored to the needs of babies and young children.

Life is Our Curriculum

Our mixed-age, family-style classrooms support the relationship-based care children need — with one another, with family and community, and with the same care providers year after year. We foster creativity through imaginative play, music, movement, games, and the arts. A strong connection with nature, natural toys, and whole foods rounds out the experiences that rhythmically support children’s ideal development.

Fees are $1250 per month for a 12-month contract.

Homelike Rhythm

Reflecting the safety and familiarity of home and its rhythms helps young children feel safe

Smiling Child
Free Movement

We encourage children to move freely as they are meant to. We do not pen them in to a crib or a bouncer seat.

Baby with Toys
Learning Through Play & Creativity

Learning is something children do naturally by exploring their environment. We offer them plenty of free play plus enrichment through music, puppetry, and games.

Baby Sleeping

Sleep is an integral part of keeping children happy and healthy. That's why we treat it as a sacred part of our day.

Baby's Grasp
Individual Attention

We give children the individual attention they need so they are happy and can grow and thrive.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoying toys made from natural materials, eating whole foods, and experiencing the outdoors are how we model and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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