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Earth Day Celebration

Thanks to our Green Taggers, all the Grades Students enjoyed a day of celebration in honor of Earth Day. They took time to learn about Mother Earth at each of five different stations. Green Taggers assisted with all the stations.

The opening ceremony was designed by Green Taggers and featured a central bouquet with four candles to represent the four cardinal directions of the compass. Each of the executive committee members of the Green Taggers club read a line from an Ute poem and lit one of the candles, followed by a moment of reflection spent connecting to the earth. Each of the classes then shared what they appreciate about the earth.

Here a few photos taken of the festivities. Thank you, Green Taggers for bringing such a wonderful addition to our school festival life!


Meanwhile, the Jasmine Kindergarten celebrated Earth Day and 100 years of Waldorf education with a verse that was recited that day in Waldorf early childhood classrooms around the world:

Victorious Spirit,  Flame through the impotence of irresolute Souls, Burn out the egoism, Ignite the compassion, That selflessness, The life stream of mankind, Well up as the source Of Spirit rebirth


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