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Martin Luther King, Jr. Lantern Walk

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr., Lantern Walk was such a lovely community building evening that featured songs including, "This Little Light of Mine," "Imagine," and "We Shall Overcome" If you would like to hear other songs added to next year's Lantern Walk, suggestions are welcome! Please Email 5/6 Grade Teacher Rebecca Nelson. In the meantime, we caught up with Ms. Nelson to learn more about the thought behind the festivities.

What is is he purpose of the Lantern Walk?

Lantern walks have long been a tradition in Waldorf Schools, celebrating the story of St. Martin at Martinmas time. We honor his compassion and the light that comes in the darkness of the human soul. We all have darkness and difficulties. There's a light within us that can bring good and positive change. That, to us as a school, is the intention. One thing we're always striving to be is not just a school but the Waldorf School of New Orleans. When we think about the role models in our community, we try to honor the ones who speak to us. Martin Luther King, Jr., came to mind. He is American hero that we want to hold up as an example to our students and to ourselves.

Why do we sing "We Shall Overcome" for the Lantern Walk?

To honor the men and women who have been so brave in speaking up and marching and protesting the injustices of the world. That was one of the seminal songs of the Civil Rights Movement that is often most associated with Martin Luther King, Jr., personally. This is our way of honoring him and the people who marched with him, fighting for a better world.

Anything else you would like for us to know about the Lantern Walk?

This is a festival that we tried for the first time this year, and we felt good about the support and reaction we got. We want it to become a living festival experience that will be built upon by our community. Parents are very welcome to become involved in planning future celebrations!

See what a lantern walk at another Waldorf school looks like. And read about the dreams our students shared for a better world. Plus check out our photo gallery below to relive the magic:

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