How Does A Picture Tell A Story?

The Caldecott Medal is a coveted honor bestowed upon one special illustrated children's book each year. This year marks the first time Waldorf School of New Orleans students will be deciding their favorites and awarding their own version of the Caldecott.

"I love working on a project like this because it opens up the whole discussion of what it takes to move a story forward," says WSNO Librarian Lesley Rubenstein.

The classes discussed the criteria for being nominated for a Caldecott Medal. Ms. Lesley set up a display of this year's Caldecott nominees, created a ballot, and had all classes vote on their favorite books. The WSNO winners will soon be announced to students, and they will have a chance to discuss and compare their choices with the actual Caldecott Medal winner.

The First Grade was the first class invited to participate in this exciting activity!

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