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The Treetop Circus Dazzled & Delighted

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The first-ever Treetop Circus came to Waldorf School of New Orleans on Saturday, February 8. The student-run performance featured circus arts that dazzled and delighted all who came!

Treetop Circus is our ‘for kids by kids’ circus at Waldorf School of New Orleans. This year's performance featured two separate acts, one designed and performed by our 4th and 5th Grade class, and the second by our 6th and 7th graders. It was the culmination of our study of show making and circus arts as part of our Movement curriculum. 

The crowd enjoyed feats of dexterity and agility including toss juggling, gyroscopic juggling, acrobatics, dance, clowning, comedy, and balancing acts. 

"The amazing thing about this show is that it is completely unique and entirely created by kids, for kids," said Movement Subject Teacher Lila Campbell who directed the show. "We even have one student who designed her own completely new form of circus arts, using scarves and sticks. It’s amazing, you won’t want to miss it!"

Circus arts are a large part of the Waldorf Movement curriculum because they allow students to express themselves, gain confidence, enhance skills, have fun, and learn to work together as a group. Juggling and circus arts are also excellent skills for brain development as they require crossing of the midline and challenge innate dominant left/right characteristics. 

Proceeds support purchasing additional equipment for the circus arts program, particularly mats for acrobatics and more gyroscopic juggling items such as plates, diabolos, and devil sticks. A portion of proceeds will also support upcoming class trips. 

Did you know? Juggling has a historical significance in almost every ancient and modern culture in the world. It’s a fun way to teach history, movement, and world cultures. 

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