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72 Things to Do During Screen-Free Week

Waldorf School of New Orleans students brainstormed during library classes about possible activities families can do during Screen-Free Week (April 29-May 5) instead of watching TV or playing video games.  Here is a list of 72 things they came up with:

  1. Read a book (of course)

  2. Do a puzzle

  3. Do some crafts

  4. Cook with family

  5. Bake cookies

  6. Ride bikes

  7. Go on a nature walk

  8. Play with pets

  9. Play board games, cards

  10. Draw, color,  or paint

  11. Knit

  12. Go feed the ducks

  13. Play with friends

  14. Spend time with family

  15. Jump rope

  16. Go to the park

  17. Go swimming

  18. Practice your instrument 

  19. Make jewelry

  20. Stare at the stars

  21. Play soccer, basketball etc

  22. Run

  23. Have a sleepover 

  24. Put on a play

  25. Make up a story

  26. Listen to music

  27. Do gymnastics 

  28. Go fishing

  29. Call your grandparents 

  30. Learn origami, make paper airplanes

  31. Fly a kite

  32. Make up a game and then play it

  33. Babysit

  34. Do some yoga

  35. Go on a picnic

  36. Take your pets on a walk

  37. Go to the zoo or aquarium

  38. Build with legos or blocks

  39. Make a robot

  40. Play hopscotch

  41. Make up your own taste test ( ex. Try all different yogurts at home and decide which is best)

  42. Clean your room

  43. Learn how to yo yo

  44. Do tai chi

  45. Draw a picture in front of your house with sidewalk chalk

  46. Do your chores

  47. Skateboard

  48. Play with the hula hoop

  49. Talk to a friend you haven't seen for a while

  50. Blow bubbles

  51. Make a fort

  52. Do your hair in a new way, learn how to braid

  53. Plant some flowers, garden

  54. Play in the sprinkler

  55. Toss a frisbee

  56. Talk with your family

  57. Make some cards and send them to people

  58. Do your homework

  59. Volunteer somewhere

  60. Go bowling

  61. Climb a tree

  62. Go to the library

  63. Go to the mall

  64. Start a journal

  65. Play with your sisters or brothers

  66. Go roller skating 

  67. Play hide and seek

  68. Sew

  69. Start a rock collection

  70. Make puppets and put on a puppet show

  71. Write and illustrate your own book

  72. Snuggle with your family 

Happy Screen Free Week! Enjoy your time together!


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