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Annual Appeal Update

A big thank you to our supporters! It is because of you that Waldorf School of New Orleans is able to bring Waldorf Education to the children of New Orleans. If you haven't yet had a chance to give, donate today!


Dear Friends,

A question many of us have today is: How can I truly affect changes in our world that are so desperately needed? Climate change, attacks on human rights, war, disease, and famine - the discord in our world today is hard to ignore. Add the staggering number of dedicated charities, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty about where to offer financial support to bring about these crucial changes.

So how do you choose the best way to help?

I believe the change we yearn for can start right here in New Orleans, from students educated to become independent, analytical thinkers and creative, resilient problem solvers. Change comes from an education that instills the skills necessary to synthesize difficult, often conflicting ideas, a passion for social justice, and the will to undertake the necessary work to shape an uncertain future.

Change comes from a child educated in a Waldorf school.

Waldorf School of New Orleans is approaching its 20th birthday next year, as we prepare to move into our new, permanent home and claim a space in the education landscape of New Orleans. Both your generosity and support keep our school alive and enable our students to become engaged and poised to do something truly wonderful and amazing in the world,

from inventing something new to connecting different types of people to one day changing the world.

Please make your significant gift to the Waldorf School of New Orleans Annual Fund. Our goal is to raise $35,000 by December 31. There are many critical projects going on at our school this year that the Annual Appeal helps to fund.   

For example, as our classes are growing in size, we have added a fourth Kindergarten assistant and a Grades assistant.  We have seen our first single-grade classes come to fruition this year with stand-alone First and Second Grades. Our combined classes are filling up as well! As the school grows, additional support for our hard working teachers is essential to maintaining a high quality of education.  In addition to the teachers’ assistants, we are increasing professional development and adding a retirement program to support and retain faculty and staff. At our Early Childhood Center, we completed a facilities drainage project to improve our playground spaces. We also launched a new after school Athletics program and are working on an instrument library as well.  As we grow toward our new campus and permanent home, we are adding the programing and support to meet that growth.

We invite you to join us on Monday, October 1st, for our Second Annual Day of Giving to drop off your donation or sign a pledge form and enjoy coffee, refreshments, meet Board members and our beautiful community school.  We will be successful if we, as a community, stand together to form a shining vision of generosity and abundance. Our hope is to be an intentional microcosm of possibility in the face of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

To learn more about Waldorf School of New Orleans’ achievements over the past year, please read our new Annual Report, available online and at the Day of Giving.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

In community,

Ulla Gaudin

Parent, Board Member and Annual Appeal Chair

Waldorf School of New Orleans

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