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AWSNA 2018 Summer Conference

Waldorf School of New Orleans is proud to have the most delegates we have ever sent to the AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) conference attending this year! In attendance are Lisa Lynde (School Administrator), Sue Greenhold (Peniston Office Manager), Margaret Runyon (Enrollment and Outreach Director), Rebecca Nelson (Upper Grades Faculty Chair) and Lesley Rubenstein (Librarian).

The theme of this year's conference is related to the AWSNA 2nd Principle: Social Justice: Exploring Place, Race, Class and Gender in Waldorf Education.

AWSNA Shared Principle #2: Waldorf schools foster social renewal by cultivating human capacities in service to the individual and society. Waldorf schools foster development so that, throughout life, individuals are motivated to serve humanity with strength of will, depth of feeling, clarity of thought, and the ability to work with others. The educational program is designed to strengthen these fundamental human capacities in our students.

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