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Get to Know Me: Nigel Wilson

My name is Nigel Wilson and I am excited to be the new Math teacher at Waldorf School of New Orleans.

A little about my background: I moved to New Orleans, from Ohio, four years ago and established a large garden, growing bananas, papayas, turmeric, and other crops. For my first two years here I taught math, physics, robotics, carpentry, and chess at College Track, a local after school program for high schoolers aiming to be first-generation college grads.

Something interesting about me: I have built two tiny houses with off grid solar power and have worked as an electricians' assistant.  

Most of all, I love Math. I find a lot of beauty in it. I also find a lot of uses for it. Being comfortable with Math makes me better at finding patterns in everything else I do. I hope that as Waldorf students continue learning Math, with me as their guide, that they too will sense how Math connects many of their other interests. I look forward to many hands-on lessons this year.

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