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Gratitude Corner: Lesley Rubenstein

Lesley Rubenstein: Waldorf School of New Orleans Librarian by day, You Night fashion model by night, and Cancer Survivor to boot. She is one tough lady who handles adversity with grace and style.

WSNO Development Director Erin Pelias nominated her for Gratitude Corner because, "She is an inspiration!"


Lesley was featured in You Night this past July, a program that fosters a sisterhood of support for Cancer survivors. The program offers a unique alternative to cancer support groups through goal-oriented, team building activities. The culmination was a fabulous fashion show in which a gorgeous Lesley strutted her stuff!

Lesley is best known in our circles as our beloved librarian. If you've visited our library, you may have noticed it shares its name with Lesley Rubenstein. That's because she is responsible for building it up to a collection of thousands of books! Lesley is an inspiration to us all, and we are grateful to have her as a part of both our faculty and our community.

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