I Have a Dream...

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and our recent Lantern Walk in his honor, our students shared their dreams for the future and a better world.

We have a Dream...

by Grade 1 Students

We wish that Martin Luther King, Jr., would not have been killed.

We are thankful for what Martin Luther King, Jr., has done and wonder what this world would be like if you were still alive.

We are thankful that there is an African-American female mayor in New Orleans.

We have a dream that everyone would be filled with kindness and love and that people would be happy instead of sad.

We have a dream that there would not be any bullies in this world and that everyone is kind and loving.

We have a dream that the whole city would be kind and no one would be killed by guns.

We have a dream that wars would stop and everyone would be kind to one another.

We have a dream that white people and brown people would not hurt each other and not hurt each other's feelings.

I have a dream for real equality. For no sexism, no classism, no racism, no ageism, and no ableism. I dream for world peace and no war or violence. For communities to be welcoming and just. I have a dream that places like North Korea, where there is so much silence and injustice, become a fair and peaceful country. A dream where there are no stereotypes and no one is judged by their looks. Where everyone works together to stop climate change. Where different beliefs and religions are welcome. A place where everyone, no matter what age, is treated the same as another of a different age. I have a dream of a place where everyone has a voice that is heard.

- Amelie Labbe, Grade 6

I have a dream that one day men will walk the moon again. That we will be equal and walk the earth together. I have a dream that we will have no war and no murder. I have a dream that we will treat everyone equal

I have a dream for a peaceful world, where good people can do whatever they want.

I have a dream that the world would put down their screens, get to know the people around them, and stop comparing themselves to other people on those sites. P.S. They actually don't look like that, they just know how to use "Facetune"

My dream is that people could be hired no matter what gender or race. My dream is that everyone would be accepted.

- Justice Crittendon, Grade 6

I have a dream that Kim Jong Un will no longer be a dictator, and that Trump gets impeached, and stop Global Warming.

- Sydnie Orgeron, Grade 6

I have a dream that the world will be united in peace. No wars, hunger, or starvation. Everyone will be well fed and have a roof over their head. Everyone will have a good education and equal pay. All of this will happen around the world.

- Chad Harris, Grade 5

I have a dream that everyone will treat each other as equals.

- Sydalise Crawford, Grade 6

I have a dream that everyone will have a roof over their head, and a place to call home. We have a dream that all people will be friendly with one another. We have a dream that people will treat the earth more kindly, and we will rid our world of violence. We have a dream that everyone will be treated equally.

I have a dream that people will respect one another, no matter their race, gender, class, or age. I hope that soon we as a people will take action on Climate Change and save our Mother Earth. We await the time when peace, love, equality, hope, and respect for everyone will reign.

I have a dream of a joy-filled beacon of humane education that draws to it and reflects the entire community of our beautiful city.

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