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Math Update

by Jill Contento, Grades Chair and Grade 2 Teacher

What's going on with Math classes?

Due to unexpected early departure of Ms. Delaney, we have a sub in place for the Math classes for Grades 3-8 until we are able to hire a Math teacher. (Grades 1 and 2 receive Math instruction exclusively from their Main Lesson teachers.) Teachers are preparing these lesson plans as well as the homework.

We do follow a Math curriculum. Main Lesson teachers will continue with the curriculum that has been established. Homework packets will be given out by class teachers and should turned in to them as well.

When will we have a new Math Specialist?

We feel it important to ensure that a teacher is a good fit with our students and our school. The best way to achieve that is to see a teacher in action. As we go through the process of interviewing two Math specialists, your child may have experienced sample lessons in classes. Each candidate has offered sample lessons using only a small fraction of class time.

We are working toward finding not just any replacement, but the right replacement for our Math Specialist position. With that in mind, we will be following up with you in the coming days and weeks with our progress in the hiring process.

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