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Mr. Peychaud Says: Collaboration Means Being Part of Something Greater Than Yourself

Head of School Joseph Peychaud on building community.
Head of School Joseph Peychaud

Dear WSNO Community,

The Fourth of July celebrates the independence of our country. It's a time for all of us to unite as Americans, yet there is an undercurrent right now that is working against us.

Despite that truth, this Independence Day was one of the most meaningful to me.

Our country is changing for the better right now, right before our eyes. These changes we are facing have been a long time in the making. The process may be painful, but sometimes pain is a necessary component of growth. I am proud of the progress we are witnessing. This moment in history is monumental and integral to opening our country's opportunities to everyone.

The work we do every day at Waldorf School of New Orleans is our contribution to making the world better. We create a humane education for children, teaching them how to question and seek answers. Showing them how to find who they are and share that with the world. And we do that important work in partnership with you, by supporting all the efforts you make at home with your child every day.

Collaboration is what inspires me to do this work and allows me to be a part of something greater than myself. We have each chosen that same thing in becoming part of this school community that champions children. You have created a unique child and have entrusted their education to us. I am grateful for that trust. I value your perspective, and your contributions. And I look forward to forging a successful school year with you. 

In Partnership,

Joseph E. Peychaud Head of School

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