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Mr. Peychaud Says: Learning About Waldorf Education is Affirming

Head of School Joseph Peychaud on building community.
Head of School Joseph Peychaud

Dear WSNO Community,

I spent last week undergoing Waldorf educator training through the Center for Anthroposophy. I attended a week-long Waldorf 101 course along with Grades Faculty Chair and Librarian Lesley Rubenstein. It was both interesting and affirming to learn so much about why Waldorf Education was founded and what it aims to achieve.

I have spent 55 years as an educator in various settings, and all schools have a mission and a purpose. What strikes me most about Waldorf Education is how it seeks to blend the spiritual with practical life.

The Waldorf 101 course I attended covered a wide range of topics throughout the week ranging from The Human Being and the Developing Child to How Thinking Feeling, and Will Affect Child Development. We covered the history of Waldorf Education and looked ahead to how we can find our way as an educational movement in these uncertain times. 

This past week reemphasized that Waldorf Education is a combination of many things that I've experienced throughout my career. The tenets that stood out most to me were how Waldorf Education promotes freedom of thought, and how thoughtfully it holds science, religion and art in unity with one another. Above all is the idea of knowing oneself, which is something we all want for our children.

I invite you to to learn more about Waldorf alongside me by exploring ourWaldorf Wonders blog. You'll find valuable information about what we do in the classroom and why. I recommend you start with our most recent post, Waldorf 101.

In Partnership,

Joseph E. Peychaud Head of School

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