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October Parents Council Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

1420 Coffee (Shop)


Present: Bethany Berghoff, Cristina Hallner,, Laura Ledet,, Jill Rankin, Renee Rowley (meeting facilitator), Courtney Landry (minutes taker), Alicia Square (time keeper), Jessica Whitworth, Nancy Sarka, Jessica Ogeron, Erin Pelios

Welcome and introductions

Keep in mind anyone who might warrant a thank you note

Questions about stand alone grades and teacher looping

Old Business

Media Meetings coming up:

EC: Nov 11 3:30-5:00 Peniston

Grades: Nov 12 7-8:30 (Sorap)

2 childcare providers at each

Pizza and lemonade at Sorap

Snack at Peniston

Content geared toward age

50 minute talk with Q&A

5-10 minute presentation by Rafael Academy

Communication plan includes flyers, parent emails, Waldorf Weekly

Sign up will circulate at meeting (didn’t see this happen)

Meetup Update

Jasmine Kindergarten kickball game - about 9 families on Sunday Saints bye week

1st Grade - Music Under the Oaks at Audubon Park - 5 families + teacher

5th/6th Grade Meetup - pizza meetup at Mellow Mushroom - early on a Saturday - 15 people altogether

7th/8th Grade - Groh house on Audubon Park - sing along

Other events are also fostering “meeting up”: birthdays, upcoming Bowl-A-Thon

Financial component of class meetups

3 day family Nursery meetup happened on Thursday 10/25 - 5 Waldorf families

Class Reps

Question: should class reps be organizing teacher appreciation? Answer: Can - don’t have to

New Business

Ideas for St. Rose

Eurythmy emphasis

Hot lunch ideas for St. Rose

Maria Fox Catering

3 day rotation (pizza, parent catered, older grade prepared)

EC and Grades Needs discussion in small groups charged with discussing question “What are needs of your community that PC can help meet?”

EC Discussion

Answering questions about where EC teachers will be teaching next year

What times will campuses run next year?

What is long term Peniston plan?

Two locations does lead to some confusion; some lack of cohesion

For example, grandparents of Jasmine Kindy were in Grades performance and didn’t see their grandchildren

Erin Pelios clarified St. Rose plan:

3 kindergartens

2 at St. Rose

1 at Peniston

At least 2 nurseries

At least 1 at each site

Erin also talked about the Capitol Campaign structure

Renee mentioned only 2 EC families came to Cell Tower Meeting

Need for childcare

Grades Discussion:

Jessica is looking into bus feasibility for the future

Emergency School Closing Procedure

To be brought up to administration - is it possible for Waldorf to generally follow OPSB guidelines, but with flexibility to make our own call

Dad’s NIght Meet-up/Parent Education at Urban South Brewery - date forthcoming

Mom’s Night Out at Christina’s house - essential oils - will look into dates

Winter Faire Update - need crafters, need volunteers - sign-up coming out in the Waldorf Weekly

Next Meeting

Monday, Nov 26th, 6:30-8pm. At 1420 Coffee Shop (previously PJ’s). Located at 1420 Annunciation St. Children are welcome.

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