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Watch: Grade 8 Capstone Projects

A defining feature of Waldorf Education is the 8th Grade Capstone Project. Eighth graders spend the entire year becoming experts in a subject of their choosing. They partner with an adult mentor in that area to help them understand and master that skill. The culmination of their yearlong pursuit is a capstone project presentation in front of the entire school and their friends and families.

We invite you to watch the presentations:

This year's projects covered a wide range of topics:

  • Architecture - William Patania

  • Baking - Hayes Kempt

  • Composition for piano & violin - Maslen L'Esperance

  • Herbal remedies & healing - Ida Schenck

  • Sewing - Sydnie Orgeron

  • Wilderness survival skills - Amelie Labbe (mentor Zoe Marquis, WSNO Alumna '17)


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