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Welcome Two New Teachers

We are thrilled to welcome two new teachers to our ranks. When you see them in the halls this fall, please introduce yourself and say hello.

Spanish Teacher Alicia Miller-Sherman

Alicia Miller-Sherman is an experienced Spanish teacher with her Masters in Education. She has spent time studying abroad and volunteering in Guatemala, Mexico, and Ecuador. She has been teaching Spanish since 2007.

2nd Grade Asst Teacher Lauren Southern-Godwin

Lauren Southern-Godwin will be the teaching assistant to Ms. Contento in the 2nd Grade classroom. She comes to us from Pensacola with a background in the Montessori method, having taught at the Montessori School of Pensacola since 2004.

Both Ms. Miller-Sherman and Ms. Southern-Godwin have children who will be joining the student body at WSNO.

We are still in the process of searching for a music teacher. We are considering dividing duties so that we are able to find the best possible candidates. If you know of anyone who specializes in violin or choral music, please contact Ms. Contento at

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