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WSNO Mighty Oaks Tie in First Flag Football Game of the Season

Written by Lila Campbell

Photographed by Cristina Hallner

At Saturday's first game of the season the Mighty Oaks met Harriet Tubman Charter School in a great match that ended in a tie of 12 to 12.

Both teams scored two touchdowns and no extra points. The first touchdown of the game came quickly after kickoff when the Tubman Blue team threw an interception to Oaks 7th grader Nate Helms-Capasso, which he returned for a touchdown in a play commonly known as a "pick-six", referring to the six points scored after Nate was able to pick off the pass and return it for a touchdown. As the game advanced we saw excellent defense from a number of the Oaks players, including excellent defensive flagging from right outside linebacker and 5th grader Kevionna Mathews. Quarterback and 7th grader Max Mabius lead his team well, resulting in a spectacular pass and catch by Nate Helms-Capasso to complete the Oaks second touchdown of the game. The Oaks held the Tubman Blue to no additional points scored after that play.

In the end it was a well matched game with many wonderful plays, excellent officiating and great sportsmanship.

We are looking forward to next weeks game against the Paul Habans Lions at 12:30. 

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