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Yearbook Update

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Our yearbook is eagerly anticipated each year by our students. It serves as a record of all the milestones, celebrations, and activities that take place within our school throughout the school year. This year we're doing things a little differently.

We still offer a yearbook, but we will not be including traditional individual head shots of each student for a number of reasons. These types of portraits are from a time before everyone carried a camera in their pocket. Today we take photos daily. In addition, Picture Day is extremely disruptive to classes. And finally, head shots do not tell a story. They are static and unexpressive, whereas candid photos offer a true memory and real emotion.

Some things you should know:

  • Our yearbook will continue to document happenings through candid shots of the students.

  • Each student will be included in at least one photo.

  • There will be class photos, complete with a roster of names of each student.

Don't forget: Our yearbook offers the option of creating two custom pages - you can upload your own photos and memories of your child. To order your copy of the yearbook, click here.



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