Check our school calendar below, which includes upcoming Special Events, Open Houses, School Tours, and Parent Workshops.


2014-15 School Calendar


11               Faculty Returns

12               Board of Directors Meeting- 6pm

18               First Day of School Grades

18-20          Early Childhood Play Dates            

21-22          First Day of School Early Childhood for ½ of Class

25               First Day of School- All Early Childhood Students

28               Class Night and Parent Orientation- 6-8 pm (All Families)


1               Labor Day- No School

2               Parent/Child Playgroup begins-- 3:30-5:30pm

5               Karen Johnson Fundraiser

8               After school classes begin this week

9               Board of Directors Meeting- 6pm

12             FLOW Meeting- 8:30am

                 Outreach Meeting- 7pm

18             Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

26             Michaelmas Ceremony—Early Childhood

29             Speech & Hearing Screening


1                 School Tour 8:45am

2                 Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

10               FLOW Meeting- 8:30am

14               Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

16               Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

30               Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

31               Halloween Celebration—Early Childhood


5           School Tour 8:45am

7            St. Martin Pageant and evening Lantern Walk (Grades 1-4)

11          Martinmas In-School Service Project- (Grades 5-7)

13          Lantern Walk—Early Childhood

             Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

14          Teacher Work Day- No School

18           Parent/Child Playgroup ends

20           Grandparents Day

21           Thanksgiving Feast

24-25      Parent-Teacher Conferences- No School

24-28      Thanksgiving Break- No School

30           Advent Begins


3             School Tour 8:45am

4             Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

5             St. Nicholas Day

9             Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

18           Steiner Study Group (@Raphael Academy) 4-5:30pm

19           Holiday Celebrations—Early Childhood & Grades

              TAP applications due

22-Jan 2       Winter Break- No School


5             Application period for 2015-16 school year opens

7             School Tour 8:45am

9             FLOW Meeting- 8:30am

13           Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

19           Martin Luther King Jr Day- No School/ MLK Lantern Walk

24           Starry Night Affair

29           LPO Concert at Mahalia Jackson Theater@ 10 am-- Grades


3             Dr. Seuss Day

4             School Tour 8:45am

10           Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

12           7th Grade Fundraiser on Rubenstein Balcony-- Muses

13            Professional Development Day—No School

13-20       Mardi Gras Break- No School


4                School Tour 8:45am

5                Early Childhood Tour of Grades 6pm

10              Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

9-10           Parent Teacher Conferences- No School

13              FLOW Meeting- 8:30am

24              Spring Musical

30-April 6  Spring Break- No School


14             Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

17             Grades School Assembly/Poem in Your Pocket Day

18             Fairy Tale Faire

20             Earth Day Celebration

20-25        Grade 5/6 Pentathlon Trip (Atlanta)


4-8           Screen Free Week

6              School Tour 8:45am

12            Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

15            Handwork and Music Show—6:30pm

17            Rennaissance Dinner at Cochon (7th Grade Fundraiser)-- 5pm

25            Memorial Day- No School

26             Whitsun Celebration—Early Childhood

28             Last full day for Early Childhood


3                Last Day for Grades

4-5             Make up days/Teacher work week

9                Board of Directors Meeting—6pm

19              Final Reports mailed home