Come Play With Us

Bumblebee Playgroup is a gentle and nurturing program for children 1 to 3 years old, accompanied by a parent 
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The class rhythm is simple, geared to discovery, experiential learning, and community. We sat at a community table and watched the children knead bread from freshly milled dough; the children played freely in a playroom filled with toys promoting open-ended, self-directed, imaginative play; there was a puppet show that began with a whimsical, folkloric song inviting each child to imagine into a world in which fairytales come alive. Finally, the children played in the lovely outdoor play yard, busy doing the important work of childhood (discovering the feel of sand, jumping in puddles gleefully, entering into their own imaginative worlds) while we, the parents, observed their play and were free to ask the teachers our burning parenting questions of the day. 

- Mae Stair, Parent

Creative Free Play

Children thrive when they're given the freedom to explore their world in the way they know best - through free play.

Snack Preparation

The more invested they are in what they're eating, the more likely they are to try it! Our Parent & Child Playgroup class helps prepare their own snack.


Storytelling is an art form that speaks to all of us. That's why we spend time in our Parent & Child Playgroup immersed in wonderful stories!

Outdoor Play

The best place to play? Ask any child, and they'll tell you: Outside! We offer the outdoors during classes throughout the year.

Waldorf students  become critical thinkers who are curious about the world, connected to their communities, and confident shaping them.

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