Tuition & Fees

2021-22 School Year

Sibling Discount: If a family has more than one child enrolled at WSNO, a discount of 7.5% will be applied to the tuition of each child enrolled.

* Tuition insurance is mandatory. Tuition insurance protects the school’s ability to budget for the year as well as families with students who may need to withdraw before the end of the year. Students who attend at least one month of school may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition. More details are available upon request.

Learn more about our Tuition Refund Plan.
Tuition Adjustment Program (TAP)

View full details and learn how to apply. Contact us at or (504) 525-2420 with questions.


The objective of the Waldorf School of New Orleans is to foster diversity within the community it serves. The Tuition Assistance  Program (TAP) is designed to enable qualified students to attend Waldorf School of New Orleans who might not otherwise be able to  attend for financial reasons.  

Policy Highlights 

  • Timely submission of the Tuition Assistance application (PFS) and documents is required; awards will not be granted  without all required documents (see below). 

  • Incomplete applications will not reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. 

  • The Tuition Assistance Committee grants assistance on the basis of demonstrated financial need and availability of funds.  ∙ All Tuition Assistance awards are made for one year only and will be reviewed annually. 

  • A family’s personal lifestyle choices that result in increased expenses or decreased income cannot be underwritten by the  Tuition Assistance fund (and hence Waldorf School of New Orleans donors). 

  • The Tuition Assistance process is held in strict confidence and with deep respect for privacy. 

  • Tuition Assistance applications are only considered in cases where all balances and fees are current. ∙ Waldorf School of New Orleans Supply Fees, Facility Fees, and Instrument Fees are not eligible for Tuition Assistance. ∙ The maximum amount awarded is forty percent (40%) of tuition.  

  • Students are eligible for Tuition Assistance in their final year of Kindergarten through Grade 8. 

  • Plan ahead and know your deadlines 

  • This comprehensive application will take some time to complete. Give yourself the time you need by not waiting until our deadline  approaches. You are required to submit your 2020 Tax Returns to complete the Tuition Assistance Application, so prepare your  taxes as soon as possible. You can use an estimate based on your prior year’s tax returns for the Parents’ Financial Statement, but  your 2020 Tax Return is required for a complete application. 


Required Documents 

  • Tax Return

  • W2 Form 

  • 1040 (with all schedules and worksheets)* 

  • 1099 Form 

  • Tax Years: 2020 & 2019

  • Statement of Need Letter (a  personal letter outlining your  situation and any extenuating  circumstances) 


*Self-Employed Parents: Include all related business forms with your 1040 file (i.e., Schedule C, Schedule E, 1120, 1065, and K-1).   


Important Dates 

  • Student Registration - Completed by March 7, 2021 or two weeks after

  • Enrollment Deposit - Due by March 7, 2021 or two weeks after acceptance

  • Program Fees - Any fees not covered by Enrollment Deposit are due
    in June

  • Tuition - First tuition payment due in June. Payment Plans

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