Nurture in Nature

Gardening and Forest Kindergarten days cultivate academic readiness in the most engaging way.

Imagine a place of joy and wonder, where children bake, sing, paint, and celebrate the seasons. Here is where learning begins.

Explore our Nursery and Kindergarten programs below or join an upcoming School Tour. Contact our Enrollment Director at (504) 308-3489 with questions.

Arts & Crafts

Painting, knitting and sewing, beeswax sculpting, and woodworking lay the foundation for nimble fingers that are ready for writing.

Life Skills

Participating in cleaning, organizing, cooking, and gardening impart critical skills for the real world.

Circle Time

Songs, rhymes, and games are a fun and engaging way to develop memory and concentration.

Snack Time

Children help prepare their own snack and sit together to share their meal. Through these simple acts, they learn gratitude and social-emotional skills.

Creative Play

Imaginations run wild inside and outside our classrooms. This freedom gives children the tools to self-regulate and process the world around them.

Story Time

A love of reading begins with wondrous and adventurous storytelling, but a strong foundation of learning to focus and listen is just as important.

Waldorf students  become critical thinkers who are curious about the world, connected to their communities, and confident shaping them.

Learn more at an upcoming School Tour or schedule a visit with our Enrollment Director at (504) 308-3489.
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Waldorf School of New Orleans, operated by the Waldorf Parents Association, welcomes students of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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