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2019-20 Annual Appeal


Our Annual Appeal helps to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of sending a child to our school.  Each year, 100% of our Board members donate to our Annual Appeal, as well as most of our parent body, faculty & staff, alumni, grandparents, and WSNO friends.

Learn More about this year's efforts for our Main Campus at the Rose Collaborative as well as our Early Childhood Center.

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Thank You to Our 2018-19 Donors

Levels of Giving

Philanthropic Leadership Circle

The Philanthropic Leadership Circle is a group of generous WSNO Annual Fund supporters passionate about the continued success of the Waldorf School of New Orleans who give a gift of $1,000 or more. Support at this level has tremendous impact, and your leadership gifts enable WSNO to make a difference.

Visionary: $10,000 and above

Chris and Laurie Nielsen

Ambassador: $2,500-$9,999

Nick Nelson

Roy and Karen Johnson

Patron: $1,000-$2,499

Roy and Rita Amedee

Kevin and Jill Rankin

Rick and Michelle Seiler Tucker

Ulla and Billy Gaudin*

Mitchell and Jennifer Turnbough

Kirk and Holly Groh


Donor: $500-$999

Al and Marsha Sprague

Amiel Provosty

Joni Tierce

Kate Novak

Vanessa Ferlito

Supporter: $250-$499

Congemi Family

Wendell Jones & Kalindi Bradley

Marquis Family

Cristina & Barry Hallner 

Esther DeJong and Harley Winer

Partner: $100-$249


Aaron Thornton and Michelle League-Thornton

Allan and Jessica Bayuga

Jacob and Courtney Landry

Najul-Acevedo Family*

Kalpana Venkat and Rohan Samson

Allisyn Swift*

Ivy Mabius

Kamill Del Toro

Kim Mix and Ram Mettu

Margaret Runyon*

Erin Kenning*

Jane Goldring

Tommy Ellis in memory of Michael Pelias

Erin Reho Pelias *

Michael Soule

Bobbie Hill

Will Sarka

James McEvoy

Phyllis Lawton Cosentino

Bethany Berghoff

Sharon Harney

Rita Amedee

Betty Calzada

Jessica Bayuga

Eric Mabius

Friend: $10-$99

Carrie Bernhard

Peter Silverman

Kendra Harrison

Ginny Kaczmarek and Ian Johnson

Lisa Landry and James McManus

Monica L'Esperance and Jamie Osborn

Kathy Quinn

Kenny Rubenstein

Michael Yahn

Katie Croft

Nicole Rixner

Sarah Wolters

Richter Fridman

Lauren Wilson

Marquita Wright

Andre Rubenstein

Samantha Joachim

Kimberly  Perrette

Miriam Kirschner

Rachel Brown

Branden Kempt

Kenneth Rubenstein

Kasia Holmes

Jill Contento

Jan Lopez

Elizabeth Gilpin

Nicole Rixner

Sammie Bolden

Nathalie Dajko

Abigail Mullen

Tara Brindis

Amiel Provosty

Alexis Tippin

Courtney Landry

Maria Verhaal

Trista Friloux

Kate Scheuermann

Jessica Whitworth

Will Sarka

Steven Pauzolis

Amy and Colin Marquis

Margaret Runyon

Kalindi Bradley

Natalia Gonzalez

Kate Scheuermann

Ena Konjolka

Morgan Burden

Laura Tierce

Susan Greenholdt

Grant Harris

Amy Lewis

Tom  Tippin

Carrie Bernhard

Tracy Helms-Capasso

Sarah Wolters

Heidi Porter

Mary Plumb-Mentjes

Helen Helms

Alexis Tippin

Dominic Congemi

Aaron Thornton

Veronica  Acevedo

Laura Ledet

* Sustaining Donor


Giving FAQs

1. I already pay tuition. Why are you asking for more money?

Our goal is to keep tuition as low as possible and have a diverse student body from a wide range of income levels. Every school year, to sustain this priority, we ask those families who have the ability to pay more for their children’s education to do so, and for those who can to give a little to do so as well in order to reach our goal of 100% community participation.

2. Why is giving so important?

Every year, we have two goals for our Annual Appeal: First, to raise $35,000 to meet the year’s financial obligations and strengthen our programs and, second, to have every family and employee contribute. When we reach outside the community to ask for grants and loans, one of the first questions we are asked is, “How strongly does your community support the school?” There are many ways to give but the clearest way to measure this support is through financial contribution.


3. Can I pay online or with a credit card? Can I pay over time? Can I donate stock? Can my employer match my gift?

Yes! For details, contact Erin Reho Pelias by email or at (504) 345-2366.


4. I volunteer, do I still have to give to the Annual Appeal?

Please do! While volunteering is the backbone of every community, financial need still exists. Volunteers of limited financial means are encouraged to shift some of their volunteer hours to fundraising initiatives. Contact our Development Coordinator, Erin Reho Pelias, for details.

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