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To the WSNO Graduating Class of 2020

It is with tremendous difficulty that I compose this letter, officially my last as your Waldorf teacher. It's been just over a week since you all graduated and began your summer adventures, and I am excited to say that your retrospective slideshow is complete! Thanks to the contributions of so many people, we now have a beautiful look back at memories we can treasure together. It is my heartfelt goodbye to all of you, as you stride forward in life and into the world. The link is private, and a log-in is not necessary to view it. You may share it with family and friends as you wish. I have downloaded the slideshow onto keepsake USB keys and will be mailing them to the six of you in the coming week, so please keep your eyes open for that in your mailboxes!

I said it before, but it bears repeating: each and every one of you has left your mark in my mind and on my heart, and no matter the length of time that you were at WSNO, I am grateful to have gotten to know you. I am so ridiculously proud of how much you've grown emotionally and intellectually, and our many discussions and chats together over these last few years and months have left an indelible mark upon me. Never doubt how much I have enjoyed hearing you voice your opinions boldly, or ask your multitude of questions as you are exploring the world and the cultures around you. Each of you has a special and unique perspective, and every time you have expressed them has been a gift. I hope with all of my heart that one of the things you take away from my classes is that our differences can be shared, we have much to learn and teach each other, and how crucial that is to finding peace. I hope you understand more than ever  that when people take the time to inquire and wonder about each other, and about the things they see and hear and observe--when we question and investigate with an open mind-- brilliant experiences and lessons spring forth. I hope you never stop feeding and growing your mind and your curiosity and your compassion. I hope that you continue moving through this world in a generous and kind way, and that you strive to cultivate empathy for all that surrounds you. 

Things are happening now across the globe that can feel exciting, or confusing, or even overwhelming or frightening. I hope that as you grow, you grow with intent. I want you to know that so much power resides within you, if you only harness and direct it properly. Everything you need to guide you is within your own heart, and I hope that you choose to follow it. I hope you choose integrity over all else, and that you share love liberally, and that you realize we are not very different from each other after all. Fear is natural, but we should not let that control us. Fear will rob you of Life. 

Our paths diverge now, but they will always have crossed. I simply could not have asked for more. Please take care of yourselves, stay healthy, be happy, and practice gratefulness at every turn. I hope to hear from you again.

With Love,

Steve Pauzolis

Grade 8 Class Teacher


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