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Blue Cypress Book Fair is Coming Soon

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Summer is almost upon us, which means it is time for the Blue Cypress Book Fair at our library!  The Soraparu campus book fair will take place in the library on May 14, May 15, and May 16 from 8 am until 4 pm.

How much are books?

Purchase good quality,  mostly used books for a great price! (There will be some new books available as well.)  Prices will range from $3 to $15 ( new) per book.  Tax is already included in the prices.  When do students visit the book fair and how do they purchase books? Students will visit the book fair during their library classes, but may also visit any day during snack, lunch, or before or after school.  If your child will be purchasing books, please send your child with cash in a marked envelope on the day your child's class will be visiting the book fair. We will help the students with pricing and change. The book fair visitation  schedule is as follows: Tuesday May 14 11:50 - 12:40    Grade 2  1:25- 2:15         Grade 5/6  2:15- 3:05         Grade 7/8 Thursday May 15 10:50 - 11:35   Grade 3/4  1:20- 2:05.        Grade 1 Jasmine Kindergarten Ms. Diana suggests that her students visit the book fair with their parents during drop off and pick up on any of the three days. Of course, parents are welcome anytime. When can adults visit the book fair?

Parents, relatives and friends may visit the book fair anytime! Teacher and Library Wishlists Families may also purchase books off of the Teacher Wish Lists located in the library.   Class and speciality teachers from the Soraporu campus have selected books they would love to have for their classes or as teaching resources.

Book Fair with Blue Cypress Books- Peniston campus The Peniston book fair will take place at Peniston on May 22 and May 23 from 8 a. m. to 4 p.m.!   More details to follow! How am I helping the school when I purchase a book at the book fair? Blue Cypress is giving twenty percent of every sale to our Library Fund!  The Library Fund is used to purchase books, shelves and supplies for the library. The Library Fund also pays the speaking fees for authors to visit our school and talk to our students. I love book fairs, may I volunteer to help?   Absolutely! Just send an email to to let me know!

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