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Poem: Thank You for Coming

By Habibullah Saleem

Thank you for coming, your presence is felt

Thank you for coming while being yourself

Determined you are to always advance

Growing and maturing when given the chance

As Muslims we love you with honor and peace

We pray for what's righteous to always increase

Thank you for coming the best of the best

By being here today you pass the test

Amazing you are, your staff as well

Mr. Nelson, your teacher, knows how to excel

Than you for coming, so please come back

Your character so wonderful it has impact

So wonderful you are from Waldorf School

Just being in your presence life is real cool

Religion is the way for us all to be one

Not just a few, but the total sum

So tell your parents that they are absolutely great

Students at Waldorf thoroughly up to date


This poem was written as a show of thanks after Ms. Nelson's class visited the Masjid-ur-Rahim mosque as part of their studies surrounding the History of Rome and the Rise of Islam.


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