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We Love Our Volunteers!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Thank you, Parents!

Parent volunteers are critical to the success of our school. We appreciate the time and energy our families give toward making our school shine. Most recently, we hosted School Work Days to prepare both campuses for the start of the school year. We had such a great response from so many families who took this opportunity to knock out some of their 20 hours of volunteer time. We'd like to give a warm and hearty thank you to all who came and worked so hard, especially Sue Greenholdt, our Early Childhood Campus Office Manager, who organized the whole thing. She made the days flow seamlessly and provided delicious nourishment to boot!

The list of volunteers who toiled to make WSNO look its best is wonderfully long, please take a moment to admire it below. And the best news? We saved $7,760 in labor costs! That means that instead of being spent on maintenance, that money can be spent in the classroom, benefitting our students. (See details on that below, too.)

Our Teachers Are Amazing, Too!

Our faculty really rallied to help over the summer, too. A big thank you to Lesley Rubenstein, Jill Contento, Heidi Porter, Monique Vige O'Toole, Margaret Runyon, Lisa Lynde, Rebecca Nelson, Diana Miklos, Steve Pauzolis, Abby Mullen, Rachel Flores, Jan Lopez, Stacy Jones, and Emery Amadee, all of whom did a beautiful job preparing their rooms for their students.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can become involved with our school. We've made it easy to find an area that speaks to you, and you can even sign up to volunteer on our website. Or learn more in the Family Handbook.


Peniston Volunteers for July 28th:

  • Tim and Jennifer Kershenstine (refinishing sooo much furniture, painting)

  • Will Sarka (refinishing soooo much furniture)

  • Scott and Carrie Bernhard (refinishing sooo much furniture)

  • Amy and Colin Marquis with Zoe (WSNO Alumna & Benjamin Franklin H.S. Sophomore) and Ethan (4th Grade) (moving sandbox, painting, varnishing, sealing furniture)

  • Margaux and Zack Bogardus (donated power tools: refinishing, fixed chairs)

  • Louise Rimington (varnishing)

  • Janna and David Haller (landscaping, moved sandbox)

  • Heidi Porter (landscaping, furniture prep)

  • Erin Pelias (4th Grade) (childcare)

Soraparu Volunteers for July 29th:

  • Sean and Trista Friloux with son Everett (1st Grade) ( Painted Chalkboards )

  • Dwight Cramer (you name it: fixed fence, created new shelves and space for coat hooks. Worked 2 days for us.)

  • David Haller (worked both days!!) (landscaping)

  • Greg McNamara/ Alexis Tippin (landscaping, dug up all the weeds at the swing set and put down mulch / Alexis painted chalkboards)

  • Voice Monet with her two sons, Ori (7th grade) and Yusef (landscaping, dug up all the weeds at the swing set and put down mulch)

Soraparu Volunteers for August 11th:

  • Courtney Landry (Library)

  • Kalindi Bradley (Childcare and odd jobs)

  • Tasia Taylor (landscaping), Kawan Wilson (landscaping)

  • Dagny Paul (All Day- landscaping, painting, fixing desks)

  • Deborah Wilson (Painting)

  • Craig Schelermann (So many misc. projects- installing hooks, fixing shelves, hanging our Library sign)

  • Amy Weinberg Englebrecht and Joe Engelbrecht (worked as a team tightening our chairs and desks and dusting all the pipes)

  • Cait Groh (landscaping and childcare) (7th grade)

  • Zoya Butty Konjolka (came by impromptu to help Cait with childcare)

  • Holly and Kirk Groh (landscaping and Kirk was helping Steve in Pearl River room as well)

  • Margaret Runyon (painting and landscaping)

Peniston Volunteers for August 12th:

  • Katie Croft (landscaping)

  • Tim O'Connor (landscaping, assembling play equipment)

  • Lehan and Lauren Wilson (landscaping, assembling play equipment, refinishing outdoor furniture, deep cleaning our front entry)

  • Dwight Cramer (jack of all trades...numerous repairs to bathrooms, coat racks, chairs)

  • Sean Stair (refinishing outdoor furniture)

  • Jessica Bayuga (refinishing outdoor furniture, deep cleaning our front entry)


Total savings in labor: @ $ 7760

Soraparu Campus: $ 4060 savings in labor

  • Dusted all the pipes (14ft in the air)

  • Painted the half wall in the office, one wall in the sunroom, one wall in Red River room.

  • Increased coat hook capacity by adding new shelves. Painted or stained shelves added hooks to 3 rooms 

  • 12 chalkboards sanded and painted

  • Chairs and Desks inspected and joints tightened

  • Fixed 2 chairs for Bayou Bienvenue room

  • Furniture moved from room to room

  • Hung pictures and Library sign

  • Removed 8 cases of books for donation/sale

  • Fixed 8 shelves

  • Put together 8 desks for Red River room

  • Changed light bulbs

  • Took down fixtures and re-purposed in other rooms

  • Touch-up paint

  • Weeded and put down new mulch in swingset area

  • Weeded garden 

  • Added sand to sandbox

  • Fixed both fence gates

Peniston Campus: $3700 savings in labor

  • Refinished 11 pieces of outdoor furniture

  • Moved sandbox

  • Weeded and trimmed plants

  • Fixed hardware in bathroom stalls

  • Installed 2 new hanging coat racks and re-hung 1 hanging coat rack

  • Painted and sealed table for kitchen

  • Stained and sealed 5 new chairs for Magnolia

  • Repaired two broken chairs

  • Modified table for Clover room

  • Assembled new play yard equipment

  • Powerwashed front entry

  • Mowed and weeded front yard/ Trimmed trees

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