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WSNO Graduate Turns Published Poet

by Betsy Woods

Congratulations to 2017 Waldorf School of New Orleans graduate, Zoe Marquis, upon the publication of her poem, 'On Turning 14,' in the national literary magazine, The Louisville Review.

"It's a tender, wise collection of words that captures the metamorphosis that happens between the imagery of childhood and the growing responsibilities of adolescence and young adulthood," said Betsy Woods, editor at the review and English Specialist at WSNO. 

Zoe's work is in the celebrated company of professional authors and emerging young writers from across the world. Zoe, an avid reader, and Ultimate Frisbee player, is currently a Junior at Benjamin Franklin High School. Her experiences and education at WSNO remain close to her heart.

On Turning 14

By Zoe Marquis

The whole idea makes me feel

Like I've opened a door to the universe

And, for the first time, I'm staring out across it

Small and insignificant

Slightly dizzied by its size

And unsure where to go

I haven't forgotten riding the going-home train

Every day at the end of school

The bright colors of the classroom

As I waited in the line of small, wooden chairs

That became a train every afternoon

Or building houses for the fairies in my backyard

Or being a restaurant for the cats

And carefully preparing their food to order each night

But now I am too overwhelmed to see

As I did then

The train is only a line of chairs

The fairy houses are only garden scraps

The restaurant is only a chore

Back then the sky never bore down upon me as it does now

Demanding my purpose and my plans

Looking to me to lead the way

This is the beginning of choices

It's time to say goodbye to the familiar

And venture out into the world

It seems only yesterday I used to believe

I could grow up to be a pink kitty cat

That I could work with my friends

And stay in my house forever

But now when I look to the future I see

Only a vague cloud

Shaped like a question mark

Waiting for me

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