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IP Pinger can be used in your programs.Simply type ip in IP Pinger's address bar to start working.You can also add IPs, hostnames, ports, or URLs to the list by clicking the Add... button.IP Pinger does not use a proxy server.You can customize the startup message by clicking the... button and editing the text field of the message.To start a ping session, just click Start.IP Pinger is intuitive and easy to use.PINGpingping [options] targetMost commonly used in conjunction with the -c option,which denotes the number of milliseconds to wait before timing out. For example, when called without arguments, the command will keep pinging until it stops receiving a response from the target.The target could also be specified by IP address as provided by the host, or else by a list of hostnames. Multiple hostnames can be specified as follows:-c NRuns N pings to the target in the hopes of receiving a valid response from the target. When N is not specified, the default is 1.Addresses or hostnames may be specified as IP address, FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), or hostname. The -I ip_address option may be used to direct the ping program to contact another host on the local machine instead of initiating a connection to the specified address.-A (All-IP)Issues pings against all addresses in the netmask. The default netmask is a count of the number of IP packets that are sent to the target. This is useful for determining the amount of traffic in a link.-f [file]Appends the contents of the file to the standard output.-F NReverb specified N times. The default is 1.-hPrints usage information.-i [int]Specifies that the ping program should attempt to use ICMP, rather than regular IP packets.-IIf the target host is directly attached to the same device (an Ethernet LAN or a dialup connection), use -I to direct the ping program to send and receive network packets on that device. This technique is preferable to using the - 08929e5ed8

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